C program to swap adjacent characters of a String; C++ Program to swap two members using Friend Function; C Program for Fibonacci numbers; Program for Armstrong Numbers; Program for Perrin numbers; Program for harmonic mean of numbers; Program to Add Two Complex Numbers; Program to find LCM of 2 numbers without using GCD; C++ Program for GCD of ... there was a very small set of numbers for which the product of two numbers was computed differently on the two processors. For example, is mathematically equal to 0, and it did compute as 0 on a 486 processor. On his Pentium processor the result was 256. As it turned out, Intel had independently discovered the bug in its testing and had started
Practice Exam Questions. The following questions are intended to be similar to what you would expect for an exam question. Practice Exam Question: Count Even. Write a C function which counts the number of even values in an array. You can use the stub code in countEven.c. This .c file contains a main function with a few basic unit tests.
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